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Why Transition Into a  Lifestyle brand?


That should be the focus of all brands going into 2022.

Hunting for first-time customers is dead, especially if you're hoping to be profitable after paying for them.

This isn't just because of IOS and Facebook changes; they're just the cherry on top.

The problem brands face going into 2022 is that everyone has a digital presence; all of ecom looks like a commodity at this point.

"But I'm not a commodity," you say.

"I've got a unique offer, special manufacturing, and some awesome features," you say.

That's great, but your customers/audience don't care about your 101 benefits.

They care about how you fit into their

How do you fit their lifestyle?

You don't.

You should be building your own lifestyle
as a brand, so THEY identify with YOU!

Think Apple, Nike, and Gatorade.

Community building will be the most profitable, cost-effective, and stable way to scale your business and turn it into a lifestyle brand in 2022 (and save you lots of money on marketing/ads).

We're exiting the Attention Economy.

The "Who has the shiniest product?" competition is just a mass buzzword spam campaign focused on "

There's no real value for the visitor/customer other than the financial transaction, and the "brand" just disappears into the night... until they need more sales (queue the email blasts and Black Friday sales).

It's cute that these tactics lasted this long, but consumers aren't stupid and hold the power now.

Moving from Facebook to Tik Tok ads or any other platform is
NOT a remedy but a band-aid (if that).

The conversation brands have with their audience via content, ads, email campaigns, and beyond needs to shift.

Instead of a dry "Here's what we got!" (the company journey, give me money or leave mentality).

It should be "How can we help you, improve your quality of life, and make you feel a part of our brand?" (customer first journey, building a real relationship).

This is how you add depth to your brand (plus customer enthusiasm/loyalty).

If you're doing it right, you're also collecting
relevant data to make this process easier and more enjoyable as your audience grows.

Discord will be a big part of that shift in facilitating direct communication and engagement with your audience.

There is no current way to do that at scale with any social media platform other than Discord.

For now, just know
community building is the future for your business unless you plan on outbidding Coke, Nike, and all the PE funds spending $xxx,xxx/mo+ on ads.

You can try to tackle the transition on your own, in addition to all the other hats you wear, or you can have us handle it
for you!

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