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Where Data/Technology Meets Brand Building 

​Zyan is a Gen Z Texan who's been a tech inventor and entrepreneur for as long as he can remember (The man was self-teaching ML & AI code by 14!😅). 

Zyan started his marketing after seeing a gap with data implementation and understanding in marketing and advertising, particularly in digital marketing. 

W-C Media was first by combining his data/tech background and digital strategy to help Ecom brands take a data-driven approach to advertising.

After following the rapid evolution of Ecom over the years and the necessity of data for cheap/efficient customer acquisition, he founded Syn Growth Partner & Syn Social in 2021, focusing on building synergy in brands' M/A efforts and zero party data collection. 

But he didn't stop there... 

Being a tech nerd, Zyan has been around the crypto community since 2017 and has seen NFTs turn into a fantastic community-building tool that Ecom brands can leverage to give better
customer value short and long term

So again, he looked to evolve the industry and fill yet another gap, helping brands transition into Web 3 community building and create NFTs that have real-life utility

The final result is a fun and sustainable way to scale a brand unlike any other: Community-building using technical marketing, zero-party data, and NFTs.

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